Meet the Team

A team of experienced, passionate real estate professionals
are the drive behind The Walden Group's success.



Steven Schorr founded The Walden Group in 2003 upon receiving his MBA in Finance from the Wharton Business School. Utilizing a blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis, he has built an extensive portfolio of real estate investments across the United States, including substantial holdings of on multifamily, office, and retail properties. The Walden Group aims to balance risk and reward by acquiring assets with a history of stable cash flow and opportunity to add value thus increasing returns. Steven has been implementing the company’s strategic vision and has been cultivating relationships with bankers, brokers, and investors to expand and grow the investment platform.


Miriam joined The Walden Group in November of 2013, from her previous position as Manager of Lease Administration in the Lightstone Group. Since she joined, The Walden Group has seen incredible growth and she is proud to be a part of it. With 12 years of real estate and management experience, Miriam has an extensive background in real estate accounting and transactions, a thorough understanding of contracts, and a remarkable ability to implement efficient procedures. She is known for her creative ideas, her can-do attitude, and her dedication to The Walden Group.

As Chief Administrative Officer for The Walden Group, Miriam is responsible for putting all the pieces together to ensure success in all projects. As The Walden Group expands, Miriam analyzes situations and implements procedures that include the talents and innovation of the entire team. She works closely with many different parties to coordinate the needs for new acquisitions and to insure smooth closings. Miriam is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with the company’s partners and third party management companies. She works with the management companies and CPA firms on accurate and timely reporting. Miriam genuinely enjoys her work at The Walden Group.


Eli brings years of multiple experiences to The Walden Group. Eli received his CPA with high honors. Shortly after he started his career in Deloitte working as a consultant, he was promoted to managing a team of 25 colleagues. He then moved on as a manager in the accounting department in Bernath and Rosenberg P.C.

Eli joined The Walden Group in 2015. Eli works directly with the Principal in analyzing real estate investment opportunities for acquisition, disposition, and recapitalization. In addition to the underwriting for new projects and providing data for banks and appraisers, Eli tracks the financial performance of each property. With his attention to detail and deep understanding of the financials, Eli has his hands on the pulse of each investment. He increases the net revenue while using creative accounting. He works extremely well with his colleagues, investors, and clients.


Yaakov’s multiple years of experience in both the Real Estate and Construction fields is a tremendous asset to The Walden Group. Yaakov is a hard worker with a great attitude who is always forward focused. Known for his dependability and work ethic, Yaakov can always be counted on to assist another member of the team.

Yaakov’s experiences and focus, affords him the ability to work on the day to day operations of the properties as well as managing larger value-add projects. He enjoys solving problems and finding long-term solutions. He coordinates and tracks interior and exterior renovation projects while ensuring timelines and budgets are met. He works on innovative ideas to help reduce expenses all while working closely with management teams to achieve The Walden Group’s vision for each property. This has proven to be a winning strategy as value is successfully added to the properties.


With over 10 years of residential and commercial real estate management and administrative experience, Shana has an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional business operations and real estate projects. She is known for her skills in accounting and project management. As soon as Shana begins a project, it can be considered complete.

Shana coordinates lender draws and works closely with the lenders to ensure communication between the management company’s, finance team, and outside financial institutions. She also serves as the Lease Administrator for the Commercial and Office properties. She conducts month end reconciliations and creates financial reports. Shana works on streamlining the processes to maximize efficiency and improve the workflow.


Yosef brings years of real estate experience having single handedly run a diverse portfolio of properties for a local organization. His experience with municipalities, code officials, and vendors allow him to efficiently manage across multiple product types.

At The Walden Group, Yosef is charged with implementation of the strategic vision on a property level including oversight of management companies, expense management, and insuring property performance meets internal company benchmarks. Finding stimulation in discovering the unique challenges in each new project, Yosef loves the variety of his role. A believer of hands on management he is constantly in the field, on site, and communicating with management which enables him to improve the team’s performance.